Miss Adventures in Dating – The Return of Copy and Paste Guy…

Your LOL for the morning ~

Back story on this one, On April 9, 2013 I received an email that was seriously just a copy and paste of this guy’s opening paragraph on his profile. I didn’t bother to save it, it was quite unremarkable. He did however earn the moniker of “Copy And Paste Guy”.

This was the second round that I had with this joker –

“Copy and paste guy” is back, came home from dropping the kids off to find this in my inbox ~

“i’m gary and would love to chat if you’re interested, so you can text or call me..805-***-**** 🙂 looking forward to hearing from you.”

Apr 15, 2013 – 8:31am
Last time I replied to your email you told me I wasn’t your type 🙂

Apr 15, 2013 – 8:33am
you must of said something I didn’t like

Apr 15, 2013 – 8:38am
I have kids and I’m widowed so I don’t have every other weekend free? If you read my profile you would know that already.

FIRST thing people, NEVER put your phone number in your FIRST email to somebody you have never had any interaction with. It just screams DOUCHE! When I was new to the dating world everything had changed. I was naive (and admittedly, stupid). I QUICKLY learned that guys that give you their phone number right from the start just want phone sex. Apparently it is the on-line equivalent to hooking up in the bathroom at the club.  Tool bag, seriously. I have so much to not like about this guy. I hope I never meet him on the street!


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