Miss Adventures in Dating – The Hit – And – Run Emailer…

 This guy has a match percentage of 10% (and I think that is only because he is male), he hails from New York, New York, everybody say hello (I wonder what his country of origin is, something just feels “off”, but I have to admit, he snapped my head around at the usage of the word “quintessential”… he even spelt it correctly!!)

“Impressing is what i describe your profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a woman even your picture goes a long way in describing the quintessential underlying beauty any man would seek for in a woman.”

“LOL, thanks. That just made my whole day. (“Quintessential”? I don’t think anybody has ever used that to describe me before 😉 ) Too bad NY is so far from Cali.”

In the back of my mind I just want to ask “am I being punked?”

Seriously, I get letters like this and don’t reply for 3 days and the profile is removed. I refuse to believe that I have so much power and influence that my lack of response causes grown men to remove their dating profiles…

I received this letter on May second and — I TOTES called it!! His profile was deleted the afternoon of May 4th! I’m torn between *fist-pump* “I’m right!” and WHY?? It’s not that I am overly sad or butt-hurt over some random stranger sending out generic (and bogus) emails then deleting the profile within 48 hours. I am annoyed however, at the fact that I may miss a legitimate email of interest that gets lost in the folder with this stuff.


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