Booby Prize? :p

ok. so..fully admit, i haven’t been super active in stalking searching out dates…still a little gun-shy..but this one and i had been chatting on and off for about a month, just lightly getting to know each other…doing the usual someone-new tango..when she just quit writing. cool. all busy..and i said..just a bit not caring too terribly much..

well..then i get this lovely lil gem

Hi Guin,
How are things going? I was busy last month communicating with someone online here. We met in person recently, but it did not work out. So I updated my profile for the time being. Now I am thinking of coffee, darn it. ; )

p.s. Your new photo looks nice.

ok…soooooooooo…i got that it’s a dating site and we’re s’pose to get out and date…but don’t tell me you were busy with someone else for a month and the only reason you’re now communicating with me is because the IRL version didn’t work out for you. *eyebrow raised* let me hop right on that. keep right on thinking about coffee, and flattery will actually get you no where. smh

you would have been MUCH better off making up a crazy story about being sent to the south pole on a top-secret mission and unable to communicate with anyone, even family. Prolly would have still figured it out, but it wouldn’t have been such an abrupt affront to my feeling ‘dating-worthwhile’!

hmmmm…guess i could attempt once more to learn how to knit. already have the cats, just a small step away from being crazy! grinning

One thought on “Booby Prize? :p

  1. That makes me NUTS!!
    “I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you in a month. I found somebody online that I was willing to ask out to meet face to face that wasn’t you. It didn’t work with them so now I’m emailing you again. But I’m still not thinking about asking you out. So, what’s up?”

    So, women can be as stupid and clueless as men? Crap, there goes my Plan B!

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