spelling optional?

ok..yeah..correct spelling, at least, mostly correct spelling, is prolly what one wants to use…yes..i use slang, and weird word contractions (prolly?  lol), but overall…i believe i’m, if nothing else,  quite understandable……

i’m not even sure where to go with this lovely, ongoing conversation.  i was under the weather when the first message came through, and though there were errors, i thought, well…might be nice to respond…(i try to….unless…well…there’s another one soon..it’s short and sweet…you’ll see) so….here it is…

(i’m still shaking my head)

her: For some reason it makes me giggle that we have a 23 percent enemy rating. We both seem to appreciate coffee and laughter and good things so I’m not exactly sure where are controversial issue lies it just made me laugh

me: 🙂 

(here on out, she will always be bold, i will always be italicized)

And the reason for no pictures is basically because of my job in for safety reasons not because I’m secretly a Man um but I just don’t post publicly that’s all

what do you do?  (Jennie..WTF…you already had a warning bell ringing..quit being so damn polite)

I work in the court system with juvenile offenders I’ve always worked in social service and in the past I’ve had clients are the parents locate my house and my family members in fortunately nothing bad ever happens but it’s just one of those extra layers and safety I guess Plus I had a coworker who was it became a pole dancer not judging but chose to post those pictures all over and videos all over and it became the biggest you at work so everyone just kind of tried to keep their social media tame. 
Specifically right now I work with sexually harmful youth what do you do   
(ok..now i’m awake and eyes are wide…did any of you understand that?)

i make coffee. LOL work for starbucks   (perfectly innocuous…there’s a gazillion plus 10 starbucks in my city…good luck..oh..and my real name is not used until i feel ‘settled’)

That’s right I thought that’s what you did but I know there are lots of different types of positions there I didn’t know if you were one of those people go out to the jungles and locate the beans  (sweet…but, no.)

lol nope. not me..though that would be cool. was a teacher once upon a time…decided coffee was more interesting..and it is, most of the time.  (still being nice..idiot that i am)

Honestly always say my dream job is to just walk away from dealing with all the crap I deal with at work everyday and be the most amazing barista the world has ever seen  (really? now i’m tapping my fingers)

 i don’t have the patience to do what you do. (well..i don’t.  still wondering if it’s gonna get better.)

Trust me some days I don’t either and honestly silly as it sounds Starbucks run everyday helps get me through if it weren’t for you guys honestly I couldn’t push to do my job (eyebrow raised.  ok..people say that all the time about coffee…me..even after 10 years..i don’t see it.)

I actually live in (next state over) but I work in the C—– area so wherever that urge it’s me I’m not a a loyal to only one store how I ever again for me have my least favorite stores and such is it too personal to ask you which one you work at I know that’s kinda a crossing line probably  (Did you follow that, ya, i did…crossing a line, ya think?)

rather not say right now.  sorry.

ok.  What did you teach before you get smart left (should i have a phone in my shoe?)

i taught preschool. lil ones

Well it sounds like we both don’t hate children so that’s not why we should be 23 percent enemies (and we’re back to the enemies thing..it’s a ‘fun’ site…shite…and mebbe i DO hate children…there’s a reason i’m no longer teaching.  :D)

prolly from the questionnaire..it’s a silly thing

(and the next two gems, back to back)

Okay when I finish it I’ll have to go back and look and see if we become mortal enemies what could possibly live on the same planet in harmony

when I completed all double check and see if we’re mortal enemies or if we may be able to livee peacefully in existence on the same planet

(at this point i’ve given up….and the next day)

23 percent enemies still



the fact that i had to translate so much of this into something that made sense to my brain…pretty sure my eyes hurt afterwards…and yeah..like i said, we all have our speaking patterns, writing patterns…(i use those damn dots for pausing….see…..), and, goddess only knows, i do misspell words when i’m in a hurry…but i’m really not sure what the hell was going on here.


3 thoughts on “spelling optional?

  1. I don’t understand that and I’m pretty good at understanding gibberish from students. Can you imagine getting a “morning after first time together in bed” note from her? “Hi I had fun need coffee out picking beans I didn’t fake it I swear you were fruitful and I worked on being better kisser”

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