“You’re beautiful! Can I text you sometime?”

OK, points given for punctuation and correct use of the word “You’re”…

Points given for the transparent compliment…

Points lost for the transparent compliment…

And the rest of the points are gone for asking for sexting without thinking I am going to see right through your guise of “Can I text you sometime?” when I know you are a 5 hour drive from where I live and the time stamp showed it was sent an an hour when most people are sleeping.

If you want to sext with somebody flat out ask, a lot of girls are down with that. The weak, transparent pick up line is the equivalent of being at a bar at last call and drunkenly slurring “Hey beautiful, want to get lucky?”,  only not as straight forward.  Do us both a  favor, either go to a bar, or straight up admit that you are horny and wanting a little collaboration for the spank bank.

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