spelling optional?

ok..yeah..correct spelling, at least, mostly correct spelling, is prolly what one wants to use…yes..i use slang, and weird word contractions (prolly?  lol), but overall…i believe i’m, if nothing else,  quite understandable…… Continue reading


Booby Prize? :p

ok. so..fully admit, i haven’t been super active in stalking searching out dates…still a little gun-shy..but this one and i had been chatting on and off for about a month, just lightly getting to know each other…doing the usual someone-new tango..when she just quit writing. cool. all busy..and well..like i said..just a bit gun-shy..so not caring too terribly much.. Continue reading

Miss Adventures in Dating – The Hit – And – Run Emailer…

 This guy has a match percentage of 10% (and I think that is only because he is male), he hails from New York, New York, everybody say hello (I wonder what his country of origin is, something just feels “off”, but I have to admit, he snapped my head around at the usage of the word “quintessential”… he even spelt it correctly!!) Continue reading