Miss Adventures in Dating ~ ehr mer gerd, they found me on Faceberk!

My Facebook profile is locked up tight. If you find and stalk me all you will find out is that I am female and widowed. I woke up to this gem in my inbox this morning. The time stamp is 2:55 AM. Let me tell you something about messages that are sent between the hours of 11 PM and 5 AM, the chances are high that the person sending the email is either drunk, high, or not in your country of origin. (Or they work the night shift and are bored and Facebooking from their smart phone… but what are the chances of that?)

And Dear Nelson, if you have two pet dogs I sure hope to god they live with you!! Unless of course, your ex-wife got them in the divorce, and if she is that nasty and spiteful, well that’s more drama than I want to deal with anyway! Not to mention the fact that Austin, TEXAS is a hella long ways from Cali (YES, I’m from So Cal, and yes I say “hella”). I have lots of friends all over the country and the world. I even have friends in Texas. But random emails was not how our friendships started. Maybe you need to stop getting drunk and emailing random people on websites asking to be friends. Or maybe, just maybe, you need to find another form of employment in Nigeria that does not involve wasting my time 🙂


Agent 867 ❤


“Hi,I am Nelson from Austin Texas.I came across your profile,You caught my attention.I want to be your friend.Distance do not matter in friendship/relationship.I have two pet dogs who live with me but Life is lonely to live alone or without having someone to talk with.i will write more and tell you about my self and send you more of my pictures when you write back to me.God bless you. Regards Nelson”