Winner, winner, chicken diner! Miss-Adventures in Dating is back

Well it’s been a while, but I haven’t had much inspiration or fodder to share of late… I was actually so disappointed that I haven’t checked my account in forever. I found this gem waiting in my inbox on 4/9, it was sent on 4/3 and somehow between then and now he must have met his soul mate and deleted his profile. I’m heartbroken, I really thought he was “the one”…

“hello dear

I am a us army by profession and my full name is Daniel Paul am 49 years old and im from usa, i am a widower, i am looking for woman to spend the rest of my life with…

best regards
Daniel ”

Yes, I can tell he is really from the USA and not some country like NIGERIA because he felt the need to tell me he was from the “usa” and not some specific state, county or city (said the San Diego native now living in the “Greater Los Angeles Area”… now that I think about it, that is about as non-specific as being from the “usa”)

The point is, if you are going to tell a widow that you are a widower and your age is close to mine, give me more to work with. I’ve been widowed almost 10 years, and while I LIKE the idea of being in a long term, committed relationship, I am not so sad and pathetically lonely that I am going to throw a bunch of money at the first random email on dating site that reads, “i am looking for woman to spend the rest of my life with…”

Fine Tarzan, meet me at 8. I’ll be the one wearing the “Support the Troops” bumper sticker across my right thigh.